Rosie Blowers is the sole owner of QuickSilver Studio and lovingly creates these pieces for your enjoyment.  

Using a combination of materials and techniques including a fairly new product called silver clay, Rosie sculpts and carves her ideas into the clay and then fires the piece in a kiln at 1650 degrees for 2 hours.  This fires out the binders and leaves just the pure .999 silver piece slightly smaller which can then be hammered and manipulated in traditional metalsmithing fashion.

Adding the age old tradition of chainmaille with a modern flair makes each piece a fabulous statement to add to your wardrobe!


QuickSilver Studio

What is Precious Metal Clay (PMC)?


PMC was developed and produced by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation of Japan.  Microscopic particles of pure silver are combined with a binder and water to create a material that has the working properties of modeling clay.  Using simple tools, objects are given shape, texture and character.  After air drying, the objects are heated to temps appraoching the melting point of metal, where the particles fuse together to make a dense, fully metallic object.

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